Inspired by kink, KORDANI explores eroticism through fashion. A brand that skirts the edges in its search for bold, powerful, and seductive designs—a fiery expression of self-liberation.
Founded by Karbon Kordani in 2022, KORDANI is a label that houses iconic, handmade pieces that celebrate diversity through radically wearable fashion, pieces that dare you to be you.
Hailing from the Middle East, Karbon Kordani has always been a creator. With roots set in painting, she began her explorations into kinky fashion as a female designer in Berlin, creating striking pieces for friends and (rather kinky) parties, often for nights at an infamous club in Berlin.
For her first piece, she used a yellow PVC tablecloth to create an iconic skirt in a moment of pure inspiration. From there, other pieces were made with PVC and vegan materials in the early days of conceptualizing a collection worthy of the Berlin party scene. As time passed, more people recognized her extravagant designs in clubs and parties all over Berlin, pieces that looked unique, flamboyant, and simply striking.
The requests grew until she founded the fashion label KORDANI on the 1st of January, 2022. Today KORDANI is a label that boldly explores kinky fashion as a form of positive expression, encouraging exploration and discovery in the space of gender identity.
Come and see the KORDANI Collection, created with love for you.